Month: March 2018

Talking Zombie: iZombie 404 ‘Brainless In Seattle Part 2’ Review

By Matthew Nemeth Me and Robert return to discuss iZombie 404 ‘Brainless In Seattle Part 2‘ on The CW and Netflix. It’s another great episode that finally gets back to Angus in the way we wanted which is now surely about to fully be explored, Read More

Overwatch Let’s Play 18 And 19 – Blizzard World

By Matthew Nemeth Another Overwatch Let’s Play on Xbox One exploring Blizzard World Twitter @etalkuk Support Entertainment Talk and get your ad-free podcasts as well as other rewards we have on Patreon Entertainment Talk  Website Facebook Group: Facebook Group Email: Facebook Page: Read More

The Walking Dead 812 ‘The Key’ Review

By Matthew Nemeth Me, Chris, David and Sophie are back to review The Walking Dead 812 ‘The Key‘ on AMC and Fox. It’s an excellent, interesting and entertaining episode that offers action, negotiations and scenes with characters we care about, Read More

Little Nightmares Review – PlayStation 4

By Matthew Nemeth Little Nightmares is full of different themes and probably messages too such as hunger, greed, starvation, darkness, loneliness, sadness, strength, revenge and probably many more. I played Little Nightmares on the PlayStation 4 and loved it, was Read More

Entertainment Talk TV 16: Spring 2018 TV, Netflix And More

By Matthew Nemeth Me and Robert are back to talk about the shows we have been watching mostly in 2018 but with a focus on spring (the March madness) such as Jessica Jones season 2 on Netflix, Love‘s final season, Read More

Random Gaming Talk 107: More Game Announcements, Fortnite And Ark on IOS And More

By Matthew Nemeth This week Me and Robert talk about more video game stuff, this time to talk about some more VIdeo Game announcements for Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, A New Sega Collection, Fortnite On IOS, Xbox at E3 Read More

Talking Zombie: iZombie 403 ‘Brainless In Seattle Part 1’ Review

By Matthew Nemeth Me and Robert return to discuss iZombie 403 ‘Brainless In Seattle Part 1‘ on The CW and Netflix. For an episode that opens up with such a brutal scene, it’s strange how funny this episode also manages to be, this show has Read More

Discussing The Past, Present And Future Of AMC’s The Walking Dead

By Matthew Nemeth On this week’s The Walking Dead UK Podcast for 811 ‘Alive Or Dead Or’ where I was joined by Chris and David, we received an email from a listener called Ben (I literally can’t tell you any more than that) Read More

The Walking Dead 811 ‘Dead Or Alive Or’ Review

By Matthew Nemeth Me, Chris and David are back to review The Walking Dead 811 ‘Dead Or Alive Or‘ on AMC and Fox. It’s an episode that makes me appreciate last week a little more as i thought last week’s Read More

Annihilation Review – Netflix Spoiler And Spoiler-Free – Mini-Podcasts

By Matthew Nemeth Today I am here to review another film, this time it’s Annihilation on Netflix staring Natalie Portman, it’s a really good sci-fi film that is mysterious, interesting, creepy, entertaining and even has horror elements. In this podcast Read More