Love Final Season Review Spoiler Free And Spoilers Mini – Podcast – Netflix: Setting a new standard for Rom-Coms

By Matthew Nemeth

For me, Love on Netflix sets a new standard for Romantic Comedies. Forget 50 Shades Of Grey, When Hally Met Sally, Bridget Jones Diary, Pretty Woman or any of those other fairly cliche films when “love was there all along happy ending” (how hasn’t that got tiring yet?) and yes, I Googled those films, so why is an almost 24-year-old guy watching a rom-com? because this one has, for a start, no real cliche rom-com “which guy is right for me” storylines, excellently written and acted characters and also shows the characters in their careers, with other friends and dealing more with life as opposed to if they want each other or not. This show has multiple layers and characters and handles it all really well, let’s hope for that reunion episode in 10 years or so.

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