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Talking Zombie: iZombie 403 ‘Brainless In Seattle Part 1’ Review

By Matthew Nemeth Me and Robert return to discuss iZombie 403 ‘Brainless In Seattle Part 1‘ on The CW and Netflix. For an episode that opens up with such a brutal scene, it’s strange how funny this episode also manages to be, this show has Read More

Talking Zombie: iZombie 402 ‘Blue Bloody’ Review

By Matthew Nemeth Me and Robert return to discuss iZombie 402 ‘Blue Bloody‘ on The CW and Netflix It’s one of the funniest episodes of the show thanks to Rose Tyler’s acting with Liv as basically a nasty older woman who always speaks her Read More

Talking Zombie: iZombie 401 Are You Ready For Some Zombies? Review

By Matthew Nemeth Me and Robert return to discuss iZombie 401 Are ou ready for some zombies? on Netflix and The CW. it’s a great episode that offers something new with crazy but very interesting scenes that follow and we can’t wait Read More

New CW Superheroes Intro

By Matthew Nemeth This is our new intro for the CW DC shows Supergirl, The Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow and Arrow including the new Black Lightning Information entertainmenttalk@hotmail.com Just click on listen in browser if it comes up, If you are Read More

CW Superheroes 31: Preview Supergirl S3, The Flash S4, Legends Of Tomorrow S3, Arrow S6

By Matthew Nemeth Me and Robert return to discuss the returning seasons of Supergirl, The Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow and Arrow on The CW and Sky 1. We also talk a little about Gotham and also how we are going Read More

Fall/Autumn TV Preview 2017: The Walking Dead, Stranger Things and more

By Matthew Nemeth So with Fall/Autumn TV right around the corner i thought I’d put together another list of the TV we can expect from this time of year just as i did this time last year, If i have missed Read More

iZombie Season 3 Review CW

By Matthew Nemeth Me and Robert return to discuss the CW‘s 3rd season of iZombie. Was it worth the wait? what will happen next season?  How will Ravi deal with potentially being a zombie? As well as much more. just click on Read More

CW Superheroes 30: Supergirl 222, The Flash 323, Arrow 523 Season Finales!

Matthew And Robert return for the final round of CW‘s Superhero shows for the 2016-17 season, it’s been a long fun ride with lot’s of variety. Supergirl ended ok with a nice cliffhanger, The Flash had more time and speed Read More

CW Superheroes 29: Supergirl 221, The Flash 322, Arrow 522

Matthew and Robert are back to discuss Supergirl, The Flash And Arrow and well…. it’s fair to say we did not like Supergirl, The Flash was very good with noticeable plot holes and well…. Arrow was awesome. We also discuss Zack Synder’s Read More

CW Superheroes 28: Supergirl 220, The Flash 221, Arrow 521

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