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Entertainment Talk TV 23: Runaways, 3% And More

By Matthew Nemeth I am back for another TV Talk but this time with Bex Trista from Trista Bytes and Geektown. We talk Netflix, Runaways, 3% and more Click here for a list of our iTunes feeds Bex on YouTube Read More

True Detective 301 & 302 Review Spoilers And Game Of Thrones Final Season Teaser

By Matthew Nemeth My review for episodes 1 and 2 for True Detective season 3 with spoilers and some Game Of Thrones talk Starting with around 6 mins of Spoiler-Free Game Of Thrones talk, break, then move onto spoilers for Read More

Reviewing Westworld: Westworld 208 ‘Kiksuya’ Review

By Matthew Nemeth Me and David are back this time to talk about Westworld on HBO and Sky Atlantic for 208 ‘Kiksuya‘. A very different but definitely still great, entertaining and interesting episode this week as we follow a member of the ghost nation, Akecheta, yes, Read More