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Talking Zombie: iZombie 409 ‘Mac-Liv-Moore’ Review

By Matthew Nemeth Me and Robert return to discuss iZombie 409 ‘Mac-Liv-Moore‘ on The CW and Netflix. It is another good episode but for some reason, the show has added to the plot, not given us answers and kinda left us with more questions, but hey, maybe Read More

Talking Zombie: iZombie 408 ‘Chivalry Is Dead’ Review

By Matthew Nemeth Me and Robert return to discuss iZombie 408 ‘Chivalry Is Dead‘ on The CW and Netflix. It’s another good episode which still continues to slowly move things along but remains the entertaining show we know and love with Liv having the brain of a Medieval Read More

The Good Talk: The Good Place 304 ‘Jeremy Bearimy’

By Matthew Nemeth I am back for The Good Place 303 ‘Jeremy Bearimy‘ on NBC and Netflix. The best episode of The Good Place season 3 so far, yet again the episode is funny, we get some more fun mystery Read More

Reviewing Westworld: Westworld 206 ‘Phase Space’ Review

By Matthew Nemeth Me and David are back this time to talk about Westworld on HBO and Sky Atlantic for 206 ‘Phase Space‘. It’s another good episode that does some interesting reveals, has interesting mystery still going and manages to push the plot and the characters Read More