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Far Cry 5 Review – PlayStation 4 Spoiler-Free

By Matthew Nemeth Far Cry 5 is a fun game, but it almost doesn’t use it main theme which i can see some people liking and i could agree with that but maybe it should have just used it more? Read More

Little Nightmares Review – PlayStation 4

By Matthew Nemeth Little Nightmares is full of different themes and probably messages too such as hunger, greed, starvation, darkness, loneliness, sadness, strength, revenge and probably many more. I played Little Nightmares on the PlayStation 4 and loved it, was Read More

Shadow Of The Colossus Review – PlayStation 4

By Matthew Nemeth Another excellent remaster on the PlayStation 4 following last years amazing Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (which we did a ton of content on last year and is getting ports for the PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Read More

Entertainment Talk Needs Your Support

By Matthew Nemeth Entertainment Talk needs your support to continue to make content, Here is how you can support Entertainment Talk. Patreon Patreon is a service where you can support Entertainment Talk for as little as $1 per month and Read More