By Matthew Nemeth

Fear The Walking Dead is almost finished with it’s 3rd season on AMC and honestly it’s been pretty good, this show was never meant to be as good at it’s original in The Walking Dead, FTWD is just another zombie show but set within the world of TWD, but that’s ok, it’s still fun, it still has good characters, it’s still got zombies/walkers, and sometimes decently high stakes. Season 2 was a misstep for the show and it has sorted out 2 of it’s biggest problems in season 3 (i can’t say much without spoilers), Is it an excellent TV show? No, Will it ever be? I doubt it 3 seasons in but you never know. FTWD is still a fun zombie show that has gotten better in it’s 3rd season and i’m looking forward to it’s future, as least for now.


Not having a comic book to directly follow has perhaps helped as well, you then also don’t have some fans constantly moaning about what works and what doesn’t. FTWD was never meant to be this world-changing TV show such as the likes of Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones and something like Lost. It’s another ragtag group of survivors that are surviving in the world of the zombie apocalypse, and hey, I can think of worse shows to watch.

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