By Matthew Nemeth

The Nintendo Switch may have only been available since March of this year but it is Nintendo’s current console for the foreseeable future, Being marketed as a very family friendly portable and home console system the Switch has massively succeeded on this front. But with a Video Games console/system requires a good library of games and the Switch has done very well on this front as well with titles ranging from Doom to FIFA to family-friendly games such as Mario Kart 8, Snipper Clips and 1-2 Switch. The idea to me personally for the Switch is to be able to use it in each game situation and being such a seamless console the Switch is perfect for this.

Nintendo Switch on the go

Nintendo Switch 2

I’ll use just 1 example here, Imagine the following scenario. You are at home and playing Zelda, you then know you have to go on a family trip a little later, no problem just take Mario Kart, Maybe FIFA and of course, bring Zelda with you anyway, play some more Zelda on your trip and later when you fancy some games with your family just set up the Switch on the TV, Keeping in mind for FIFA, Mario Kart and even recent examples you only need 1 Joy-Con per person, Quickly change the controller grips and off you go. Keep in mind also that the Switch and all of it’s accessories are incredibly light and ideal for a trip. This brings together the family for games and you can always be playing on your trip to and from and you can, of course, keep playing when you get home. There is not a single console on the market with recent games that works like this, Nintendo has finally got it right.

Let’s talk about the library, ranging from single world open games such as Zelda, Zenoblade Chronicles and Skyrim to sports games such as NBA 18, FIFA 18 and WWE 18. A great selection of games including 2 of this year’s game of the year nominees Zelda Breath Of The Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. There has also been a good amount of 3rd party support with Doom (2016), La Noire from Rockstar, Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 and as mentioned before Skyrim. For a brand new system to launch in March 2017 that’s a pretty good line up of 3rd party games especially since the incredibly bad support for the Wii U.

I really think Nintendo is doing something different and special here and they have to be applauded for it. For being able to make a family-friendly console for all ages that has games from Doom which are the more adult appropriate to games like Mario Kart the more family friendly. I’m really looking forward to seeing what ends up on the Switch in 2018 and beyond and what Nintendo’s plans are.

Having said this though i do think that if the Switch had failed that Nintendo would have gone 3rd party and would have been putting Mario and Zelda on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

How do you feel the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo themselves have done in 2018? Let me know using the information below.

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