A brief guide to The Walking Dead

By Matthew Nemeth
Did you know there are now 4 different versions of The Walking Dead? Well here is a guide to what’s what in the world of The Walking Dead created by Robert Kirkman and all of them written by Robert Kirkman.

The Walking Dead On AMC

The one you’re probably most familiar with featuring the TV versions of Rick, Carl, Daryl, Michonne and the rest of the gang. This takes place in the same universe as the comic book series and follows almost the same story. What’s the difference from this to the comics? It follows the same story but changes character deaths and the way certain things happen from the comics. It airs in the UK on Fox on Mondays (October-March/April) 9pm, just a short time after the US airing on AMC, on Sundays 9/8c pm.

The Walking Dead Comic Book Series

This is where the crazy world of The Walking Dead started in 2003 and is the original source material. As just explained in this article, it’s almost the same story to the TV series, just with different twists and turns and different character deaths. The comics are currently due to release Issue 154 in May and has 1 issue each month. But sorry guys, Daryl is not featured in the comics. But Rick and Carl are.

Telltales The Walking Dead

The popular video game from Telltale features different characters from the comics and the TV series, but does allow you to play as the amazing lead character Lee Everett and his companion of sorts (I don’t want to spoil the explanation). But still has the same zombie rules and universe rules as the comics and TV series in terms of how the zombies work etc. In order to play this you will either need an Xbox One or Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or 4 or a PlayStation Vita, PC, Nintendo Wii, Wii U and is playable on some smartphones and tablets. There is also a Telltale Game based on Michonne, which takes place after the All Out War saga in the comics.

fear the walking dead
Fear The Walking Dead

This is the new prequel spinoff from AMC and is available over here in the UK on BT’s AMC Global channel, and is rumoured to be coming to Amazon Video sometime in the near future. This follows a new group of survivors and is set just as the apocalypse started but is also in a different part of America than where The Walking Dead TV series from AMC is set (Georgia). The mainstream TV series started in Atlanta this, and this show takes place in Los Angeles. The second season has started in the UK on BT’s AMC channel just one day after the US airing at 9pm. You can currently purchase the first season on DVD or Blu-Ray to catch up before Season 2 starts.

maxresdefault (1)
The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

This is some of Daryl’s prequel story before he met Rick and the rest of the gang and is another video game available only on Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It has the same zombie rules that apply to the other universes and the story is wrote by comic creator Robert Kirkman.

maxresdefault (2)
Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462

This is the last one. A mini web series that explains how a survivor will join the characters in Fear The Walking Dead Season 2, available on YouTube. You can also search for The Walking Dead webisodes, as a few of which explain what happened to the decapitated zombie next to the bicycle in Season 1.
So there you have it, all of the zombie and Walking Dead fix you will need for a while! Enjoy catching up if you have not already and write in the comments your thoughts on all things The Walking Dead.

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