EA Is Taking Advantage Of Star Wars And It’s Disgusting

Entertainment Talk New
Entertainment Talk New
EA Is Taking Advantage Of Star Wars And It's Disgusting

By Matthew Nemeth

EA has been on the controversial side of gaming once again, This time with Star Wars Battlefront 2. This time with loot boxes, insane amounts of grinding to unlock characters, a ridiculous and awful refund policy to actually not being able to join a game because of certain rules to unlock characters, EA has clearly seen Star Wars as the popular and profitable property that it is, but in very much the wrong way. Can EA recover from this, yes it’s not too late but they have to hurry. please listen to the mini off the cuff podcast i recorded to find out what’s going on and how i feel. I’ll be discussing this with Robert on our next Random Gaming Talk.

Just click on listen in browser if it comes up, If you are having difficulty playing the audio or if it’s not working please let me know. 

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