F is for Family Season 2 Review Netflix

By Matthew Nemeth

So, F is for Family returned for an entertaining second season on Netflix, The season was filled with very very adult storylines and characters, These characters deal with a lot of different adult situations and sometimes the subject matter is particularly dark but not necessarily all of them depending on how you see the world I suppose (I hope you really understand what I mean in a second, but hear me out) The issues are things like Depression, Unemployment, Bullying, Sexual Harassment, Stress, Anxiety and Suicide. I could go on but I think you get the point.

So let’s looks at the show regarding the issues I mentioned. Why is it ok to have these issues displayed in the show the way they are? Because it’s somehow still entertaining while being aware of the issues it’s displaying on the show, It deals with them in a good enough, Appropriate enough and entertaining enough way and hey. It’s an animated comedy to not take too seriously because it’s exactly that. Animated comedy. Also to be honest if shows such as Family Guy and South Park can get away with it (frankly South Park is much worse in this regard) Then why can’t F is for Family?

Moving on from that, this season had Susan and Frank facing marriage problems including their careers which lead to other problems, I feel like the show handled it well which also lead to a spectacular and unexpected ending scene in the finale and that would be interesting going forward in hopefully a season 3.

One of the funniest plots was Frank’s son Kevin going dealing with and going through his personal and sexual journey if you want to call it that, Seeing how he dealt with this especially with Krank saying to Sue that Kevin’s getting to that age where he wants to “fuck something” so I’m also looking forward to that developing in season 3 and to see if any other characters get involved in terms of the conversation with Kevin.

Overall this was a great and enjoyable season and hopefully, if Netflix renews this for a 3rd season I look forward to seeing how the characters develop more, One other thing this show has going for it? it’s short enough to watch either on a weekend afternoon or in one night.

Rating 9.5/10



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