Fall/Autumn TV Preview 2017: The Walking Dead, Stranger Things and more

By Matthew Nemeth

So with Fall/Autumn TV right around the corner i thought I’d put together another list of the TV we can expect from this time of year just as i did this time last year, If i have missed anything let me know.

The Walking Dead 

twd s8

This season promises ‘All Out War‘ and let’s hope it delivers just that. Last season was spent getting to know new characters such as The Kingdom with Ezekiel, The Scavengers with Jadis and the Oceanside community. There is 2 whole volumes of the All Out War story arc in the comics with All Out War parts 1 and 2. Let’s hope we get plenty of war, not too much talking and that the show uses the source material well, as well as the characters, We do also have a podcast for the show.

Stranger Things


Ah Netflix, You have struck again. The Emmy Nominated show returns for it’s second season and promises more mystery, More nostalgia (Ghost Busters) and just general Sy-Fi goodness, I’m very much looking forward to it.

The DC CW Arrowverse 


The massive universe of the CW’s DC shows comes back in a few weeks and look’s to be another good year with Supergirl, The Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow and Arrow all coming back along with Black Lightening and Titans in the new year to follow (Titans will be on a new un-named DC streaming service) with the seasons coming back me and Robert recorded a preview for the upcoming seasons which will be out soon.

The GiftedThe gifted

I genuinely believe that this is the X-Men type show i have personally been waiting for, with what seems like a similar take on Superheroes that Heroes itself had just set within the X-Men universe, I have always like and somewhat prefered the concent of young teenage characters developing powers and having to deal with them in everyday life such as school, home, friends ect. with a nice short 10 episode season i’m really looking forward to this.

Black Lake


So this is one you might actually NOT of heard of. it is a drama currently on BBC that i found on the iPlayer while watching Dr Foster once. The premise is simple, perhaps a little cliche, but i like it anyway. A group of, well, young people? travel to their vacation place that they chose to spend their vacation in. Then there is strange noises, a mysterious door and a strange disease of sorts. it’s chiche i know. but i still like it as i like that type of mystery. There is 2 episodes every Saturday.

Star Trek Discovery

star trek descovery

So i have already reviewed the 1st 2 episodes (just check under the TV tab for the show) and liked them. I also already explained my history with the show in the 1st review so check there for my thoughts, but so far. i’m excited for the future of the show.



So Gotham may still be stuck with Channel 5 in an awkward spot where season 3 has yet to be aired for currently unknown reasons but you can now either get the season 3 DVD or watch it on Netflix. This, however, leaves Gotham‘s season 4 UK debut up in the air unless the same thing happens again (DVD or Netflix). Nevertheless, the show is still going on at Fox in the US with season 4 promising a Young Bruce/Year One Batman. Which is all i wanted from about season 2 roughly. Still, we got there in the end

The Punisher

The Punisher

Oh boy, this looks good. John Bernthal returns as The Punisher for his own original series on Netflix and it looks to be bloody, loud and full of revenge. John Bernthal is the man to play The Punisher right now. Netflix mysteriously has yet to reveal an actual release date although it is slated for some time in 2017 and my guess would be November as Stranger Things releases this month in October.

Marvel’s Agents Of Shield


Agents Of Shield was one of the 1st of the new MCU reboot TV series back in 2013 a year after the CW‘s Arrow. But 1st of all ABC’s new series Inhumans has to finish it’s 1st season of 8 episodes. Agents Of Shield potentially had it’s best season in season 4 and i’m looking forward to more comedy, lightheartedness, more of Daisy/Quake and hopefully more Ghost Rider.

There are a few other notable shows that i don’t have much opinion on such as Mr Robot (Which i am on very thin ice with at the moment), Designated Survivor and The Duce. The 1st 2 we talked about recently in our TV podcast. If i have missed any TV shows that you are looking forward to let me know.

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