Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3 Review

By Matthew Nemeth

Well, things just got a lot better for this show. This week we saw the Flight 462 storyline finally meet up with the Fear The Walking Dead cast and it was amazing, I don’t feel as if the show could have done a better job with connecting the dots. This was EXCELLENT.

I also feel like this was Fear The Walking Dead’s best episode so far. It had some really good action, inet we scenes and good character development (especially with Chris). There is a particular scene where he goes inside the crashed plane from Flight 462 and is about to kill a man who needs his help. I then said to myself and the person I was watching with, “Is he really going to smash the guys head in?” (as he had a thick metal bar of some sort) then BAM he just went for it, and it was a pretty big, awesome and brutal moment for the character.

ftwd nick

We also have some cool and intense scenes with Nick this week with him falling into a pit (by accident) and intensely dealing with a zombie (I’m sensing a theme this week). While I didn’t feel like anyone would die in this episode as it is a little early in the season, it still managed to feel intense.

ftwd travis

Lets talk about Travis, I feel this character isn’t going too far and feel he may be the 1st death this season and the 1st real major character death for the show. I don’t like the character much but don’t hate him either, so I could see him being the 1st to go.


That ending showed that it was a harsh choice for Strand to cut the rope at the end and let Alex from the Flight 462 mini-series float away, I hope the character survives or we at least see the boy who was with her on the plane, otherwise it’s a waste. To have the characters from the mini-series almost be gone before they have had barely any character development would be a waste. Let’s hope Alex or Jake, or even both from the mini-series come back in some way.

This was Fear The Walking Dead’s best episode so far that delivered intense scenes, great action and character development.

Rating 9.5/10

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