Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive Brief Review 

​Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive Brief Review

By Ashley Mukherji

My first impressions of this wonderfully digital masterpiece are just that it was a beautifully designed movie! I was amazed by the style and everything but the point isn’t just to praise the work gone into it but the piece as a whole. For anyone who like me is in high anticipation for the new Final Fantasy XV spooling through both Episode Duscae and Platinum just to hold that burning desire to play the full game this movie proved to me to be the necessary stepping stone to hold me at bay! The movie has a vast array of famous actors and actresses lending their voices most notably Nyx Ulric who is played by Breaking Bad’s, Bad boy Aaron Paul!

Upon seeing reviews upon this I was unsure of what to expect some saying the story made little sense, names being thrown in at random and the characters not making sense, thankfully I did not have this issue! However, I can understand how people who have not done any research into the Final Fantasy XV universe and don’t know how Noctis is the main character within the game may have confusion. Personally if you are to watch this movie I would at least know who the following Characters are and at least a basic understanding of the game as it seems this movie works to explain the plot of Final Fantasy XV. 

A bonus to watching this is it took me back on a nostalgia trip to when I first watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, however, it is clearly seen through the bonus material how the lip syncing is by far more advanced as it was performed by actors who native language is English through motion caption which means you won’t have to get irritated at how badly lips move in comparison to the word spoken.

It is hard to fault the movie as it helped to fill the hole that the postponing of the game caused on my soul. Overall I would give it the following;

10/10 for Actors

10/10 for Action

7/10 for Story

10/10 for Music 

10000/10 for Animation

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