Gotham Review Season 2, Episode 19 “Azrael”

By Natacha Gray

*This article contains spoilers*

This week’s episode saw Hugo Strange send out yet another one of his experiments after Jim Gordon. Due to Mr Freeze (Victor Fries) falling to kill Jim Gordon last week; it seems that Strange wanted to turn it up another notch. Now while Hugo Strange is known his high intellectual levels, I have one problem. Why would Hugo Strange send “Azrael” (Theo Galvan) after Jim Gordon when he has previously exposed Victor Fries had been “reincarnated”. By sending Azrael after Jim Gordon it only made Gordon certain that Hugo Strange was behind and still is doing his evil bio-engineering.

Understandably, Hugo Strange is arguably never going to be able to take care of the brutal side of the business so surely Hugo Strange had other goons, thugs or monsters at his disposal other than someone who should not be in plain sight. Hugo Strange’s actions have definitely been bold and brazen as he sends someone well known to the city of Gotham into clear view after he appeared on the news falling off a building; destroying a van in the process. Hugo Strange must be pretty sure of himself that his diabolic plan will indeed succeed. While we’re on the topic of Hugo Strange, while looking for a background story to give “Azrael” Strange was seen reading out a segment of Alice in Wonderland. Are Gotham writers teasing the introduction of the “Mad Hatter” a notorious villain based off of Lewis Carroll’s unique character, The Mad Hatter?

While Gotham was shocked by the return of Theo Galvan, (now Azrael) we saw a glimpse of the Van Dahl manor where Oswald Cobblepot has been hiding out since he was released out of Arkham.The murder of his Father, Elijah Van Dahl triggered a more dangerous and deranged version of Oswald Cobblepot when he murdered his step siblings and then fed them to his evil Step Mother, Grace Van Dahl before brutally killing. Since then we’ve not seen much of the Penguin yet now with the news of Theo Galvan being alive and with Oswald being aware of this knowledge, is it time for him to return to Gotham and reclaim his throne? There is no doubt that he will do anything to avenge his Mothers death for a second time.  With Azrael seeming to be indestructible, is Oswald Cobblepot going to be the one who saves Gotham? Oswald being consumed with  vengeance, is he coming to be the one who ultimately ends Azrael’s reign of terror. I’m excited to find out.

Lastly, with this week being majoritively based around Hugo Strange and Arkham, Edward Nygma who now resides in Gotham seems to be thriving; his high level of intellect allows him to manipulate the situation that he’s been put in. With the inmates on his side, he was able to manipulate the other inmates into helping him escape after he escaped the cell using a newspaper to wedge the door. Upon discovering what appears to be a blank wall; Edward’s high level of intellect discovers that Hugo Strange is indeed up to something. By Using basic items, Edward later discovers what Hugo Strange is hiding; a basement full of monsters. Now that Edward has discovered this information, what will Edward do with that information? Could he use it to manipulate Strange? This new dark version of Edward Nygma is certainly interesting and I can’t wait to see more of it.

Overall I loved this episode of Gotham and would easily give it a 9/10.

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