Injustice 2 Review Xbox One

By Matthew Nemeth

Given my lack of experience in the brawler/fighting genre of games, I got on with Injustice 2 very well. Did I remember multiple combos well and string them together, not very often. But on the plus side with this game the story and presentation were excellent, the story, even though it is comic bookie it still made sense for the situation and in a cool way it felt like Civil War meets Batman Vs Superman, Take that as you will.

At times the gameplay did feel more complicated with new characters popping up and having to learn their moves and how to counter them ect although it was still just very cool to see these character in a current-gen fighting game. But other than that the gameplay worked well and I still had fun playing as these characters, The only thing that really bugged me about the gameplay was having the same special move each time along with mostly the same intros but having the character exit in the same way in each fight.

I did feel the game had enough content with the single player, online multiplayer, multiverse section and PVP offline modes. However, I did feel like the multiverse was repetitive in the way it was set out BUT I do feel like it was nice in the way of seeing the different character endings. The single player story was great in presentation and had a good story to it but I do feel like that was short, however, there is the option to go and get the different endings and play alternate fight scenes so that was a nice piece of addition and variety to the game which I did go back for.

Overall I feel Injustice 2 was a great game that strangely¬†lacked variety while having enough content and that sounds odd I know, even as I’m typing. But it came across that way that I have not experienced before in a game. The combat was fun, It was nice to see the different characters on screen together without any limitations but I do feel the game is worth your time but eventually, it will come down to either putting time into the other multiverse sections or the multiplayer and I already have my multiplayer game in Overwatch.

Rating: 8.3/10

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