Is AMC Becoming The Next Konami? (This Isn't Good)

By Matthew Nemeth

Back in 2015 Konami became the worst company in video games and there aren’t many gamers that would disagree with this. They fired Hideo Kojima, Cancelled Silent Hills PT a video game with enormous potential and was one of the greatest video game demos of all time, They then banned Kojima from getting his industry icon award at the video game awards, They treated their staff horribly such as not allowing them toilet breaks, lunch breaks and even went as far as to lock Kojima in a room to finish making Metal Gear Solid 5 (that one is more of a rumour). But yes they are absolutely despicable and are even still doing things to piss gamers off 2 years later.

Is AMC as bad as this? No, but they are on the wrong foot with a few things and it could get worse but hey, Maybe it will get better?

Back when The Walking Dead season 2 was starting AMC essentially asked Frank Darabont (the show runner at the time) to make 13 episodes for season 2 of The Walking Dead for the same amount of money as the shows 1st season which consisted of just 6 episodes, At some later point Frank Darabont decided to sue AMC for over $280 the lawsuit is still going on to this day,  Let’s move ahead to 2017 where AMC is now being sued for up to $1 Billion from Robert Kirkman and a few other of the show’s producers because AMC has not paid them the money that they own Kirkman and co, See where things are starting to go wrong? This is not as bad as what Konami have done but it is not exactly going in the opposite direction.

Let’s Talk About Robert Kirkman And Hideo Kojima And A Few Parallels Here

Robert_Kirkman kojima.jpg

So recently Rober Kirkman decided to leave AMC and join Amazon and take all of his future projects with him (this does not include The Walking Dead) this happening in the midst of him suing AMC, coincidence? I think not. This just reminds me so much of two very big companies in AMC and Konami both having the creator of their biggest franchise leave on very bad terms see where I’m going with this?

Konami also took their situation so far as to leave the Silent Hill franchise dead in the water by cancelling PT “Playable Teaser” (the demo I mentioned earlier that was pulled from the store) which meant the final game was never created in the end, They then kept hold of the rights to Silent Hill and will probably never make another video game from the franchise, They have also gone so far as to remove Kojima’s logo (his development company logo “Kojima Productions”) from most if not all of his games.

So going back to the main point here, Are AMC as bad as Konami? No, But are they on the right track? Yes and no, They have 2 lawsuits on their hand. But let’s end here on a good note. Kojima is now working with Sony on a mysterious and very cool looking game called Death Stranding due to come out exclusively on the PlayStation 4 I shall post a link to both trailers below, he is also working on this game with the same people he had with him on the Silent Hills project in Norman Redus, Guillermo Del Toro and this time the addition of Mads Mikkelsen and of course without Konami.

Now let’s look on the positive side for AMC, The Walking Dead season 8 is still due to happen later this year and will likely be renewed for next season too, They had an excellent season of Better Call Saul this year as well as some other shows they have going. So do you agree with where I was trying to go with this? I could see you disagreeing and agreeing here but let me know.



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