Little Nightmares Review – PlayStation 4

By Matthew Nemeth

Little Nightmares is full of different themes and probably messages too such as hunger, greed, starvation, darkness, loneliness, sadness, strength, revenge and probably many more. I played Little Nightmares on the PlayStation 4 and loved it, was it a tricky game? absolutely but it was one that challenged me and made me think i love the ending to the original game but won’t spoil it here, but with solid gameplay, excellent sound design and score Little Nightmares stands tall on the list of platformer puzzle games alongside things such as Inside, Limbo, Unravel, Abe and many more.


Little Nightmares is basically a horror-themed version of these games but of course, with it’s own story which i won’t spoil here. This game doesn’t really tell you anything you need to do, it tells you the controls and that’s about it, but for me that’s what also adds mystery to games like this, Inside and Limbo it’s all so mysterious but at least gives you a small idea of the basic plot. Let’s take the horrible no named people from the picture above as an example, you can tell what their goal is but you don’t know who they are. They are simply on this ship to, well, eat as much as they can including potentially you, that gives you the answers you need without needing to really say anything, and for me that’s cool.

little nightmares.jpg

I want to talk about the excellent running controls of Little Nightmares, the game controls this fantastically well especially with it’s running controls you don’t just run straight away, there is a small build up to it which is cool and it gives you that “go go go” feeling when running from an enemy as he doesn’t start off quite quick enough to get away from an enemy giving you a sense of urgency and initial panic.

I’m really hoping for a sequel to the game maybe in a few years as all of the DLC is out now. Good news for Nintendo Switch owners though as the deluxe edition of the game is coming out soon.

What did you think of Little Nightmares or are you waiting for it to come out on the Switch? let me know

Rating 10/10



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