Master Of None Season 2 Review Netflix

By Matthew Nemeth

Master Of None returned for a great and well paced second season, It has a bit of the same old here but that’s just sticking with what was great about season one, Dev’s possibly good and possibly bad jokes, his very cool friend in Arnold who has his own plot of sorts which is mixed in well with Dev, In fact, it would have been nice to see more of the two of them.

Where this second season falls slightly flat is Dev’s multiple dates, sure he is going on dates and seeing what takes his fancy but I feel like I would have liked to have seen more of the bromance at hand and less of the needless dating, So less of this in season 3 would be nice.

So let’s talk about the black and white premier episode, excellent episode and I very much welcome a change of pace, with this being a part of that. I again like the fact that Arnold came to see Dev in Italy but was also glad when Dev finally got back to New York. I also thought the whole can I borrow your phone to call mine was great, right up until Dev walks off with the guy’s phone, like really? what did you expect to happen there?

Overall season two was another round of great fun with Dev and Arnold, But less with Arnold, There are some great jokes as well as some that Dev simply fails with and then digs himself into more of a whole, But it’s still a good time.

Regarding the storyline with Francesca, that was way too much of Encounter- Talk later, repeat and repeat a few more times and it overstayed its welcome in such a short season but I’m glad it was resolved in the end

Rating 9.0/10




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