My Top 6 Favourite Characters

By Matthew Nemeth

The world of TV, Video Games, Films and Books are filled with amazing characters but with so many out there which are my favorite?

6. Crash Bandicoot


Crash Bandicoot isn’t quite as much of a “character” as the others in this list but he is still very fun and is the lead character in one of my favorite games of all time, so i still think he deserves to be on this list.

5. Pikachu


Pikachu is fun, funny, expressive and very powerful, now i’m not a Pokemon “fan” per say but he is my favorite i have recently been watching the original Pokemon run from the 1998 run and it’s great to see the character again.

4. Rick Grimes And Carl Grimes

rick and carl

I couldn’t decide between the 2 here but they are a father and son pairing and my favorite characters on The Walking Dead and possibly my favorite father and son pairing that i have seen in fiction. These 2 ARE The Walking Dead, sure we have other interesting and important characters like Maggie, Michonne and Daryl but The Walking Dead is the story of Rick and Carl, more so even Carl’s story. The story of how a man woke up from a comma to an apocalypse and guides his son Carl through the dangerous world full of  people who you may or may not be able to trust and guiding his son through it to eventually pass the torch and continue through with the lessons from Rick his father to guide him.

3. Spider-Man


My favorite Superhero, Spider-Man is so simple yet so interesting to me, a character that is simply in a suit with 1 ability and 1 gadget, Spider-Man’s agility as well as his comedy and actual arsenal of weapons make him very interesting to me and i have been following the character since my childhood and even though we had some average, bad and good films with Toby Mquire’s Spider-Man 1-3 and Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man 1-2, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Homecoming finally went back to the characters routes with a suitable and excellent actor in Tom Holland and i’m very excited to see more from him, especially now that his Spider-Man is properly in the MCU. PlayStation‘s 2018 Spider-Man exclusive should be exciting too with Insomniac.

2. Buzz And Woody

buzz and woody

My childhood, well, some of it, Buzz and Woody who i grew up watching in the Toy Story franchise when i was younger. Toy Story 1 to me is Disney’s best film and my favorite. Buzz and Woody go through ups and downs as friends do and even have the more brotherly type relationship and even some sibling rivalry elements too. Woody came along 1st and Woody loved him, then Buzz came along and Woody wasn’t given as much attention. I find the 2 funny, charismatic, entertaining and interesting. I do feel i miss them sometimes as there isn’t really a current regular Toy Story release and i will have to wait for either Toy Story 4 or Kingdom Hearts 3.


1. Jack Bauer

Jack Bauer

Jack Bauer is a hero, he has proved it time and time again. He will do anything for his country and the ones he loves. Jack is entertaining to watch as is Kiefer himself. It’s weird, i do remember actually drifting away from 24 at some point and then i started it again and missed what i loved and as many of you know, finished it and called it my favorite show of all time. Jack is the best at his job even if he isn’t always properly assigned or is literally told to stay away. His relationship with Chloe O’brian is special and definitely helps, they are always there for each other and have helped each other throughout the series. Jack Bauer is special to me and unless the character took and drastic even change for no reason he probably always will be.

So that’s my list, where you surprised by my choices? Who are your favorite characters? Let me know using the information below or Email, Twitter and Facebook


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