Netflix's Love Season 2 Review Spoilers

By Matthew Nemeth

Netflix’s Love Season 2 is full of amazing heartfelt moments, drama, real stakes and mature storytelling.

Love dropped on Friday 10th of March and I have been waiting for it for a while, the 1st season was a nice surprise that hooked me from its trailer, I then clicked play and thanked Netflix after the season was done. The character development specifically for Mickey and Gus was amazing especially at the end of the season when they get back together following Mickey’s decision to not pursue things with Dustin, which also was a particularly powerful moment, especially on a personal level following what Dustin talks about in his previous scene in therapy.

Another thing  that I loved this season was the Witchita wrap up and Mickey succeeding at her job and getting promoted leading into Gus and Mickeys time apart and how it drastically affects their relationship also leading Gus to make some better personal decisions of his own leading to hopefully a better “real adult relationship” as they both agree to have. I did like the slight detour of Mickey and Dustin as it was only brief and put just enough fear into me as a viewer of wondering about Mickey and Gus’ future. Going back to the jobs storyline I’m glad they did spend a little bit of time apart (was it 25 days ?) and seeing a little strain in their relationship to make the late-middle part of the season just fresh enough to lead into an excellent Finale which I watched a double episode (the final 2 of the season) but I am glad they used Witchita and Mickey’s radio job to make this happen.

I did also enjoy the more minor characters this season as I felt they were used the right amount and played into the story very nicely and fed nicely into the bigger plot of the season, Mickey and Gus. Arya had a nice plot which fed into the same thing in its own way with this young actresses dilemma of where she goes after Witchita and to also see how Gus dealt with the secrets of the divorce etc,  I liked it. Bertie had her own nice relationship with Randy and it was nice to see for that character and I feel like that took up the screen time required and I enjoyed Randy as a character.

In conclusion, I loved this season (no pun intended), I immediately checked if the show had been renewed for season 2 and it has. I loved the role the smaller characters played and how it fed into the bigger plot and how at the same time it gave them their own story arcs which I enjoyed too. I felt the season did what it needed to do but did it excellently which great writing and great acting.

Rating 10/10

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