Preacher Season 1 Review – AMC – Slight Spoilers

By Matthew Nemeth

When I think about Preacher and what myself and the general fan base and viewers think the general consensus is that the season was slow but entertaining and Interesting but very slow. I couldn’t yet explain to someone quite what Preacher is about for two reasons. Firstly is that this has been confirmed as a prequel to the comics, so not even comic fans quite knew what was happening apart from some set up, that’s again the general feeling I am getting from this show, although I really feel like the show did something great to itself in the finale and am very interested in the second season especially as this is where the comics start, But personally I just feel the season should have been shorter plus if that was the case then the walking dead fans would of had season 7 of the walking dead back a few weeks sooner.

My plan for next season is to read plenty of the comics and have it really connect with the show for the second season.

So the questions for next season. Is Jesse still imagining Eugene, Is anyone left alive from the town? and overall what does the second season hold ? and what’s currently happening with the demonic presence that was being controlled by Jesse? This is a great addition to AMC’s growing list of shows since loosing Mad Men and Breaking Bad they have struggled summer wise other then adding Fear The Walking Dead last summer.

In conclusion the season was slow but entertaining and i hope this season was just used as an intro/backstory season and hope season 2 is when things get going.


Rating 8.4/10

Pros: Entertaining, Great acting, Interesting characters, Intereresting AMC series not grounded in reality.

Cons: Slow, Long season.


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