Quantum Break Review Xbox One

By Matthew Nemeth
Quantum Break Review Xbox One Quantum Break is an action-adventure science fiction third-person shooter video game developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft Studios. The game was revealed during Microsoft’s 2013 Xbox One reveal event and was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One on 5 April 2016.
I was very excited to play Quantum Break from reveal right up until release, with the game, including a live action TV show with a total of four episodes at twenty minutes each. I very much enjoyed this integration with the game and found it almost seamless with playing sections of the game, then making choices that would affect the outcome of the episodes. I felt that the quality of the TV episodes where what they needed to be and didn’t necessarily  blow me away, but it was a good addition to the game that I feel they can improve in future games, but I was not disappointed and was a good experiment that I would still like to see in the future games.
The gameplay, however I felt was slightly loose at times, with the character at times popping in and out of cover at particular locations. The general gameplay with the shooting and power mechanics was something I loved. Dashing around the area and then slightly slowing down time to shoot enemies (sometimes straight in the head if I could) felt amazing and gave you “The Flash-like powers”. Minus the gun, of course. This is called a time dash. This included the ability to slow time down completely and almost move across the particular area you were in, giving you a great chance to flank enemies. Other powers included the ability to shoot “time bubbles(?)” at enemies, freezing them and allowing you to shoot them a few times and causing an almost mini explosion.
I very much enjoyed this as well until a later point in the game where certain enemies can pretty much just move away from it. This, however, does add a different challenge to the game as you do need to adapt to these particular enemies as they also have the ability to dash just as you do. Other powers include putting time shield on (a shield bubble around your character to protect yourself), which works well. The game does a good job of helping you to find your objective with the time vision ability. This allows you to see your objective and often, at times, the game reminded me to use it when I was actually lost, so I liked this feature a lot. It also allows you to briefly see enemy locations and other helpful things.
The characters where portrayed very very well with some quality in the acting department, with actors such as Shawn Ashmore as the protagonist Jack Joyce, Aiden Gillen (aka Littlefinger from HBO’s Game Of Thrones) as Paul Serene and Dominic Monaghan (aka Charlie from Lost) as William Joyce.
Overall, Quantum Break did exactly what it needed to do and sometimes more for the franchise’s 1st instalment and I can’t wait to see where Remedy takes this franchise, particularly in the TV section and this is a fantastic console exclusive for the Xbox One and Microsoft to have.
Rating 9.2/10
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