Ranking 2017's Marvel And DC Films

By Matthew Nemeth

Another year of Superhero films from the MCU and DCEU has passed but what was the best and worst of the 6? From Justice League, Spider-Man Homecoming, Thor Ragnarok, Logan, Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 and Wonder Woman.

6. Justice League


As good as this was it could have been even better if Warner Brothers and DC where patient it could have been much better, From lesser known characters such as Cyborg and Aquaman just turning up on screen to the continued absurdity that is the incredibly godlike and overpowered Superman this film was fine to good in my opinion. Yes there was complications and some confusion over Ben Affleck‘s future as Batman as well as on the set and off set things happening so maybe they should have just taken more time with this film, Our full podcast review is liked at the top as are all the rest in blue.

5. Thor Ragnarok


I had a very good and fun time with Thor, the characters were great and to go along with that there was some great development and change particularly with Hulk and Thor and although things where a little samey with this and i do feel like maybe Thor’s screen time could be coming to an end i still had fun and a good time with this and it did what it needed to do.

4. Logan


Although i have always struggled to like Wolverine and just not been a big fan of his this was an incredibly well-executed film from the acting from Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stuart and did something new and different for Superhero films so in that sense it was excellent.

3. Guardians Of The Galaxy 2


Another fun Marvel film, the characters here are fun and entertaining to watch and it’s nice to come away from the individual characters of Marvel and also the Avengers and spend time with the fun and less serious ensemble.

2. Wonder Woman

wonder woman

I’ll say this to start with, I regret what i said in our Wonder Woman review. I think it was a case of having a bad taste in my mouth after Batman Vs Superman and Suicide Squad, thinking back on the film it was fantastic and i just wish i had enjoyed it more in the 1st place but i guess that’s what happens after you see a few bad films from the same franchise, Wonder Woman is the best film in the DCEU so far.

1. Spider-Man: Homecoming


Boy did i love 2017’s Spider-Man Homecoming, after 5 attempts at making a good Spider-Man film some good and some terrible we finally got the one we should of had. A teenage Spider-Man/Peter Parker trying to navigate school life, life at home, his friends and potential girlfriend as well as trying to become an Avenger this is the one we deserved and the one we finally got and i loved it. Tom Holland excellently plays a teenage Peter and Spider-Man and i can’t wait to see more of him.

So do you agree with my list? If not let me know yours using the information, email, Twitter, Facebook and more below. for all of our Superhero content including our CW Superheroes Podcast stay tuned to the website. For my ranking of 2016’s best Superhero film check here




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