Ranking The Marvel Netflix Shows

By Matthew Nemeth

So the Marvel Netflix shows, there’s Daredevil seasons 1 and 2 and then 1 season each of  Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, The Punisher and The Defenders and i’m going to rank them all.

7. Luke Cage

luke cage

Something about luke cage just didn’t work for me at all, It’s still a great show with lots of good episodes but i didn’t feel like a few of the villains where compelling at all, The pacing was just off to me and it just didn’t feel like much. The acting was still great but the show just did the least for me of all of these, I’m still interested in season 2.

6. Iron Fist

iron fist

Ok so yes it could have been better but i did enjoy the characters more in Iron Fist then i did in Luke Cage (Colleen alone was pretty cool). The fighting was ok but actually entertained me more then what Luke Cage did. Also, i preferred the genre and setting a lot more than Luke Cage.

5. Daredevil Season 1


Where it all started, It was a great season but just didn’t have the caliber of season 2, But still is a better 1st season then Iron Fist and Luke Cage, Charlie Cox is also great as Daredevil.

4. Daredevil Season 2


Ok now is where this is getting tough, Daredevil season 2 has the incredible addition of Jon Bernthal‘s The Punisher as well as Electra and Wilson Fisk. Jon Bernthal is incredible as The Punisher but more in his own show as this season only sees the start of his character

3. Jessica Jones


From the plot with Kilgrave to the incredible acting from David Tennant and Krysten Ritter this show really entertained me and i’m really excited for season 2, plus in this instance we have a strong female protagonist/leading lady and we not only need to keep putting women as leading ladies it needs to happen more consistently and with Wonder Woman, Supergirl‘s CW TV Series to this show it looks like that’s going in an at least better direction. Don’t get me wrong, having a leading man has nice qualities that you can’t get with a leading lady show, but vice versa also applies here with different pros and cons to each.

2. The Punisher


Oh, boy, Jon Bernthal is phenomenal as The Punisher (i can’t think of a word to truly describe his performance), In something like 20 years when all these Marvel and DC properties get rebooted whoever plays The Punisher after Jon is going to have a tough time. It’ll be a bit like when The Joker was being cast again for the DCEU but hopefully with a little more actual effort and won’t be some green haired guy trying to be a crazy gangster (I really don’t like Jared Letto as The Joker). In any case, this show is full of stakes, incredible acting, choreography and has a nice simple but compelling plot. Do you want to know what makes a good Superhero show? Stakes, surprises and shocks and this show has tons of both.

1. The Defenders


It was a tough choice between The Punisher and The Defenders but the ensemble ultimately wins, why? because it’s an ensemble. The only wish i have for season 2 is that they find a way to put The Punisher in this show. Seeing these characters interact with each other, fight together and everything that comes with that was pretty exciting. I will probably finish writing this and think that maybe The Punisher should be #1 but at least there’s some conversation and debate to be had here.

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