Review Of Nintendo Switch’s 2018

By Matthew Nemeth

The Nintendo Switch had a great 2018 and laid some great groundwork for the future with finally having 2 big releases that go hand in hand, Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Nintendo Switch online. The Switch’s online service also, of course, came with Classic NES titles and allowed for some great backwards compatibility. The other great thing about the service finally gave you the ability to use Cloud Saves to make sure that the 100 hours you spent in Zelda BOTW or in Smash Bros was safe. So these are the 2 great things that happened to the Switch in 2018 apart from the great sales figures of course.

The Nintendo Switch also had other great titles released such as Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eve and critically acclaimed title Octopath Traveller both have which have been very well received, this year also saw the release of the massive success in Fortnite and allowed you to use crossplay with Xbox One, PC and later PlayStation 4.

This year did see a few average to bad releases such as Ark Survival Evolved, Mario Tennis Aces which had a notably poor single player campaign and the average release of Super Mario Party.

So overall a great year for Nintendo Switch with continued great 3rd party support with the likes of Hollow Knight, Fortnite, Crash Bandicoot The N. Sane Trilogy and more along with hopefully the release of The Spyro Reignited Trilogy, the console will, however, have the release of Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled which would be great to see have some crossplay online support with Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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