Shadow Of The Colossus Review – PlayStation 4

By Matthew Nemeth

Another excellent remaster on the PlayStation 4 following last years amazing Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (which we did a ton of content on last year and is getting ports for the PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Shadow Of The Colossus game had very few problems, infact just the one, the camera issues but not to a degree that it actually interupted my game. Other than that this game is a delight to play traveling to the different collosi was a little difficult in terms of finding them but travelling in the grass and beutifull visuals was very nice to do.


In terms of the fighting the colossi it of course varied between them as each colossi is uniquely different in their own way which made the fights all uniquely different which was incredibly refreshing, in fact none of the colossi are similar in any way at all, the 2 that i had the most fun with where the 2 that fly i won’t go into too much spoilery detail as i also don’t want to ruin any surprises but holding onto or traveling on these enemies as you are fighting was excellent and thrilling. I truly felt the power of these colossi and no fight apart from maybe the 1st one felt easy which was incredibly refreshing.


The act of fighting these colossi was intense, exciting, thrilling and as i mentioned, always different where you would have to find the “vital point” and stab it as much as you can until you either fall off due to stamina or the enemy does something to stop you. So the stamina i mentioned, it’s fairly simple, you have a stamina meter and every time you are gripping a holdable part of the enemy it will slowly go down so you will have to let go and, well, find somewhere to land or take land damage, so it gives you that challenge.


I don’t have anything spoilery to talk about and this game mainly focuses on the gameplay, so yes go and play it, it’s great.

Rating 9.5/10

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