South Park The Fractured But Whole Review PlayStation 4

By Matthew Nemeth

So South Park The Fractured But Whole finally came out this year and I’ve had an absolute blast playing it, It’s inappropriately funny and very very adult, as is the show. The combat was interesting for me. It’s turn based which i am unfamiliar with and also in the style of a chess game, which i also really liked. I have never really watched South Park, I don’t have anything against the show, in particular, i have just never been there. Is this game rude? probably, Is this game very political? yes and probably in more ways that i notice. Let’s talk about the team i used, with my character i favoured mostly the assassin, gadget and speedster classes with changeups along the way. I found myself mostly winning battles with a few struggles when apart from when i came across different enemies with their new tactics, abilities ect. I often favoured Fastpass, Callgirl and Human Kite.



So the other thing heavily referenced in this game is superheroes, superheroes are very cool sometimes awesome, right? i really like what this game does in terms of this, taking the piss out of franchise plans, referencing Netflix series, spin-off movies and TV shows and which of the superheroes should have priority of what and in what order, it was very good, but what i would have prefered this game to do was lean away from being as involved in South Park a little more and some of the more basic themes and focus more on the superhero stuff, like really really lean into it. But what we got, i was very happy with and like i said i had an absolute blast playing it. Even if you are not a fan of South Park (which i’m not) you can probably still enjoy this game quite a bit. Me and Robert talked about South Park in this episode of Random Gaming Talk and i also did a 1st impressions video here. I was about to start talking about Kenny’s part in South Park and to his appearance, Turns out he is Mysterio? If this is true, tying this in with his immortality powers? good stuff South Park. Although his character would still have worked with being more of a normal and original Kenny.

Overall i had a blast playing this game and hope to see something of similar or better quality in the future from South Park and even if you aren’t into South Park you should still possibly have a good time with this game, just keep in mind, it’s very very adult, but it’s also South Park so what do you expect?

Rating 10/10

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