Spider-Man: ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ DLC Spoiler-Free Review PlayStation 4

By Matthew Nemeth

Spider-Man’s ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ DLC concluded today on December 21st 2018 and was the 3rd and final piece of the DLC’s story. But how was it? well, it had a very strong start, ok middle and a strong finish, but don’t worry, nothing will be spoiled here. Part 1 is Catwoman, Part 2 is Hammerhead and part 3 is Silver Sable. While Silver Sable isn’t the most interesting of Spider-Man Villians she certainly makes up for the lacklustre 2nd part of this DLC with Hammerhead, Hammerhead himself I found to be a bit of a “Wannabe brute” and it’s very hard for me to find that interesting, think Rhino, but less interesting, at least to me.

The gameplay is the same good stuff from the main game, you have new side quests with the annoying Screwball and her challenges. But where these 3 DLC chapters show their strength is with how the characters interact and connect across the 3 chapters, Spider-Man, Blackcat, Yuri, Miles Morales and Mary Jane Watson. I’m not including Hammerhead in there due to how, as I said, basic the character comes across.

I can’t say too much more without spoiling so I’ll sum things up a little, chapter one is a great start with Blackcat and the story Between her, Spider-Man and Mary Jane and concludes in an interesting way, chapter 2 is much more lacklustre with Hammerhead taking centre stage as the villain and I honestly didn’t mind the darker tone and the way the cliffhanger from 1 is dealt with in 2 is interesting enough not to leave you completely frustrated.

Finally, chapter 3 gives a nice payoff and send off for this story while leaving a very interesting and cool teaser for the future, while also nicely paying tribute to Stan Lee. Overall though I am happy with this DLC





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