Star Trek Discovery 105 Choose Your Pain Review Netflix

By Matthew Nemeth

Stark Trek Discovery has returned again for Choose Your Pain in episode 5 for CBS and it again manages to keep things fresh and while i have now put myself in a position with the show where i can say that i will never understand everything but am still managing to go with the flow and not be entirely lost as that was my fear with the show from the very start i’m still very much enjoying what i am watching and am far from bailing. This episode again managed to have a good amount of stakes which i still appreciate and for the sake of mine and maybe everyone else’s sanity  there was no long annoying Klingon speeches, instead this time we actually get to have them shut their mouth and fight and i continue to enjoy every ounce of action in this show, i am interested and fascinated in the weapons, how they work, what they even do etc.

Star Trek Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

This week to even my appreciation we had our 1st “boldly go where no one has gone before” AND it was from an actor who i absolutely love of course Rainn Wilson who played Dwight from The Office, good stuff Star Trek, good stuff, i hope he comes back and that’s just because i love the actor, yes i know the character wasn’t nice. But hey i like him more than the Klingon.

In conclusion, i continue to be entertained by the show 5 episodes in and whilst i don’t understand absolutely everything, i am not completely lost.

rating 9/10

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