Star Trek Discovery 107 Magic To Make The Sanest Man Go Mad Review Netflix

By Matthew Nemeth

Another week, another Star Trek Discovery on CBS and Netflix, this was a very very good one. The way this episode changed things up and essentially had a time loop episode with the return of Mudd (Dwight from The Office) was a very cool idea that i really liked. It had some sense of stakes, a difficult situation and a relentless character who basically got too cocky for his own good and did pay the price, in the end, this episode also had some great development with Micheal especially with her admitting her feelings towards Tyler and even dancing and kissing him, i liked the twist in this episode of the creature they had brought aboard being Mudd’s entrance plan. all very good stuff and i do hope to see Mudd again, not only is he a compelling character but i just love the actor.

star trek 107

Speaking of the Tyler and Micheal thing, i wonder if this will go anywhere? It was just a nice bit of character development for Micheal and Tyler and i hope it doesn’t just go to nothing. In any case, this was another very good episode and Star Trek continues to surprise me. I continue to like these characters and liked what they did with Tilly in this episode and she continues to be cool. One last thing, The Klingon seam to have be shifted to being background characters? Is this a budget thing? Anyway, i prefer them that way.

Rating 9/10

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