Star Trek Discovery 113 'What's Past Is Prologue' Review – Netflix

By Matthew Nemeth

Star Trek Discovery is back on Netflix and CBS this week and it was a good one, finally having some conclusion to this parallel universe story and i’m happy the show didn’t feel the need to make this particular arc last the rest of the season of 2 more episodes. Instead, we got a satisfying even if somewhat predictable in places, wrap up to this arc and with this following a potentially interesting new arc with a 9-month tie jump where the Klingon are very much a threat again with them seemingly winning the war. I don’t know what the next 2 episodes look like but the reason this is great is that they have a lot of material potential for the final 2 episodes of the season which will possibly translate into the 3rd, but again this could have gone one of 2 ways, drag out the parallel universe arc for the next 2 episodes or finish it and bravely go to the next arc.

I’m going to make a nice and also critical comparison to The Walking Dead here, so bear with me, this will contain no spoilers for that show. Remeber the 1st 3 episodes of season 5 of The Walking Dead? There was a 3 episode arc right at the start of the season they did which could have easily lasted the whole half season of 8 episodes, it didn’t, it told the story and moved on. The Walking Dead has a terrible habit of not doing this and forcing an arc into 8 episodes, sometimes more and just because of the fact that the 8th happens to be the mid-season finale. You do not need to do this, and this episode of Star Trek and The Walking Dead’s 3 episode arc i mentioned are proof of that. There are probably other shows that also have but none spring to mind.

Lorca/Micheal and Philippa

philipa micheal and lorca

This was very good, but someone wasn’t getting out alive. Once the fight at the end had started, this wasn’t going to be a “I forgive you let’s go back to the ship”, no, Lorca revealed himself as the enemy and it was 2 against 1. What else could have happened? Micheal wouldn’t have let him get away even if Lorca had killed Philippa. Don’t get me wrong the fight itself and everything leading up to it was excellent, it was just a tad predictable that someone would go. But i’m ok with that, the parallel universe story has ended in a satisfying way and we can be told the story and move on. So i did like it.

I can’t wait to see what Star Trek has in store for the final 2 episodes and how it will lead into season 2 already renewed.

One last thing, the scene where the Discovery is travelling back and we saw it in space? more of that please. The show really hasn’t used the fact it’s in space much, but when when it does, it looks amazing.

rating 8.5/10


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