Stranger Things – It's Worth All The Hype And Here's Why!

By Amanda, @swansongwriter

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock or ivery far away from civilisation, you have probably heard people talking about the huge hit TV show, Stranger Things, on Netflix. For a show that had minimal build up, it’s done pretty damn well! Whether you’re hooked and obsessed like me or you haven’t seen the show (yet), here’s 5 reasons why we love it…

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1.Hello 80’s!

From the opening credits right through to the gripping final episode, there’s beautiful little references to everything from the 80’s. The theme music and opening credits are unbelievably nostalgic of a time gone by. If you’re a film buff, you will love all the 80’s references to Alien, The Empire Strikes Back (WIN!), Carrie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and many many more. The posters scattered throughout the show such as The Evil Dead and The Thing will also take you back (or to a new generation for the younger viewers). So many scenes which play homage to old classics as well. Aside from everything else that is amazing about this show, these little references will make you smile all the way through!


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2.One name – Dustin, AKA Gaten Matarazzo

I think this kid is officially my favourite person is showbiz ever. The show can get pretty tense at times and Gaten’s character provides comic relief. He’s clever, geeky and the most level headed of his group of friends. Aside from that, he’s adorable off the show. Having been outspoken about his illness, cleidocranial dysplasia which is also referenced in the show he’s helping to raise awareness of it. He’s also an awesome singer – check him out on YouTube!

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3.It’s creepy but not gory

Sometimes it seems like today’s directors and producers are trying to show as many naked bodies and guts (not combined, unless you’re into that…) in order to get viewers, but Stranger Things has focused on writing, suspense and an awesome cast to build popularity. Suspense builds with the phenomenal story, jumpy bits and amazing acting. As the sub heading may suggest, there’s not much gore but there is enough creepy that it will keep you hiding behind the cushion. The show does creepy really well as it will hook you in if it hasn’t already.


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This is one of the main characters in the show played by Millie Bobby Brown, another adorable person outside of the show. Her acting literally blew me away. She’s one of those people with so much talent, you forget she’s acting. Her character will make you want to follow her story and intrigues you from the get go. It’s nice to see a different type of female lead although, as I was saying before, there’s lots of references to past shows as well so be on the lookout for those!


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5.There’s a second series!!

So, Season 1 was left with many cliff-hangers and a second season has been confirmed. Of course, we have to wait until next summer to see it, but that’s OK. There are already loads of teaser trailers and talks about what’s to come but I won’t go into it here in case some of you reading haven’t watched the first season.

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There is so much I haven’t mentioned. The whole show is phenomenal and up there in my all-time favourite shows and it’ll be the same for many people you speak to. I for one cannot wait until the next season. If it’s anything like the first, we’re in for a massive treat! This is quite possibly one of the best if not THE best show around. Enjoy Netlixers!!

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