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The Big Bang Theory Series Review SPOILERS

By Matthew Nemeth I am back to talk about The Big Bang Theory on CBS And E4 with a series review and goodbye podcast. For the ad-free version of our podcasts check our patreon page, There’s also rewards on there Read More

Different Lego Posters 

By Matthew Nemeth   My favourite here is the flash and arrow one but they are all very cool and makes me think about what lego films we could see in the future entertainmenttalk.org@etalkukentertainmenttalk@hotmail.compatreon.com/entertainmenttalk  

What I Will Be Watching This Fall/Autumn

By Matthew Nemeth POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT If you see a show on this list you are not caught up with just try to read carefully. The September, October and November lots of TV shows will be returning and there are Read More

Entertainment Talk Needs Your Support

By Matthew Nemeth Entertainment Talk needs your support to continue to make content, Here is how you can support Entertainment Talk. Patreon Patreon is a service where you can support Entertainment Talk for as little as $1 per month and Read More

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