The Gifted 102 'rX' Review Fox

By Matthew Nemeth

So, Fox‘s X-Men Spinoff The Gifted continues with it’s next episode and i really liked this one. It showed the characters a bit more, their powers, some of their relationships and it set the stakes well for the future. I am yet to actually learn anyone’s name in the series which is admittedly a big problem but ill learn them eventually i think. maybe the series should have started out introducing these characters a little slower so we could get to know them a little more. Sometimes 1st seasons need to do that and it’s perfectly ok to do so as i do feel that with the Gifted we have been thrown in the deep end with little explanation, at least that’s how i feel. But again, there has been only 2 episodes and i’m sure we will learn about the characters more and get to know them better as the series goes on.

gifted 102

Nevertheless, i do really enjoy the action in this show, it feels like they have some room in the budget to actually use these characters abilities and i really enjoy it and i think the CW shows could learn from this sometimes (fewer episodes with a tighter budget) with this season of The Gifted only been 10 episodes as opposed to The CW’s 23 for each season (also with 4 of them at a time) who knows maybe things will calm down in this field but 2 episodes in and it’s a part of the show i’m not only enjoying but appreciating it. I just hope within the next few episodes i can connect with the characters a little more, Also i really like the solitary scenes in this episode it shows in an early stage of the show what the characters outside of our group are like that are involved with the solitary situation.

Rating 8.8/10

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