The Gifted 103 'eXodus' Review Fox

By Matthew Nemeth

Another week, another episode of The Gifted on FX and Fox and this was another good one. A nice display of powers again along with some nice character development (which i am going to assume where flashbacks?) anyway i quite liked those scenes. I also liked the screen when the boys are playing video games and the friend is asking to see his powers and the way things played out from there. However, i feel like we have been introduced to too many characters too early on, I’d have prefered to just see a few characters early on and get to know them better along with their powers 1st, both things i still don’t have a great understanding with. I liked the plot with the dad this week with him trying to work with the government side but also deciding to bail out as well, it made things interesting.


I also really liked the scene when the protesters are trying to come into the house to get our main characters and as a result, our main characters are forced to use their powers and i would like for the show to try and use that more because if there is one thing that annoys me about superhero shows, it’s when they don’t use their powers often enough. A bit like if something such as The Walking Dead, Z Nation or some other zombie show stops having zombies for episodes or just hardly any at all for a few episodes, you then end up taking away an interesting element of the show. But at the moment The Gifted is using powers a good amount.

rating 8.3/10

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