The Gifted Pilot Review Fox Spoiler-Free

By Matthew Nemeth

So Fox has aired their pilot episode of the newest X-Men spinoff called The Gifted, and i really liked it. I have a few questions that i hope to be answered soon but then again i didn’t expect to have no questions by the end of the pilot. Who are these people? How did they get their powers? And what was their process in dealing with these new powers? Anyway, i did like these powers they had and trying to get to know the characters was interesting too. In a way i liked seeing the intense action at the start it leaves room for a few questions but also some very good looking action at the same time with the display of powers here.


I really hope that the series basically becomes the show that Heroes could never be (because of multiple reasons) but of course with the twist and addition of having it tied to the X-Men. i’m really looking forward to the next 9 episodes and what happens with these characters. But one thing i’m really hoping for is a good amount of backstory with these characters, Figure out who they are and perhaps some answers to my questions. I really want to know how these characters dealt with evolving these powers into their everyday lives.

Rating 9/10

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