The Good Place Season 1 And 2 Review – NBC – Netflix

By Matthew Nemeth

I have nothing but good things to say about this show. The Good Place is something i knew very little of when i 1st heard about it , then i started it out of pure curiousity and WOW what a television show. In a matter of about a month The Good Place went from something that was “ok i’ll check it out” to “wow this show is now very special to me”, let me explain how this happened. Not only is The Good Place good at literally everything and in every department such as writing, directing, acting, plot, pacing….. you name it, The Good Place is excellent at it.

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So The Good Place, a little comedy on NBC imported to the UK Via Netflix, this show is one i always turn to when i am feeling down or depressed (i live with depression unfortunately) and usually, even in these momments have managed to make me laugh or at least smile, that alone to me is something very powerfull and special, at least to me it is anyway in my personal viewing and experience of this show and is something i am incredibly greatfull for, i don’t know quite how else to explain why the show has become very special to me, so i hope this explains that for you.


To be able to have a show set in a “perfect” good place with people who have been very good in their life and their score has added up to a positive one to allow this to happen is a very interesting one and wow just the way the 6 main characters weave together and click but are still their own individual person and character is something that is very hard to do but is done so well due to all of the elements that are done well that i mentioned earlier, The whole character of Janet alone is funny let alone everyone else. I don’t have much more spoiler free stuff to talk about so i’ll put some spoiler stuff after all of the links for Twitter ect.

F**k i miss this show.

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Ok time for spoilers !!


I can’t belive the twists at the end of the 1st and 2nd season which just get bigger and make the show more complex but in a good way, the way that Elenor repeatidly works out that The Good Place is actually the bad place over and over again is really fun and funny especially with Micheal having to do different things each time to try and get her not to notice was great and i love how it gave a new spin to the show without changing too much. The twist on the season 2 finale i also do like but am not quite as into with the whole making Elenor alive again is a risky move but i definitly trust the writers to do it justice but i hope it doesn’t last all of season 3.

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