The Last Guardian Review PS4

By Matthew Nemeth

The Digital Dog/Cat/Bird Trico And His Companion

After being in development since 2007 The Last Guardian finally came our in December of 2016, But was it worth it?

After approximately¬†12 hours of frustration, fun and some heartfelt and earned moment’s The Last Guardian is a fascinating game at least. From bad and plain annoying AI to moments of pure amazement. The Last Guardian was just, unfortunately, caught in-between generations as this game was clearly meant for the Playstation 3 but was delayed too many times and just is not quite up to PS4 Video Game standards.

The Game is simple, You play as a young un-named boy and meet a companion called Trico, What follows is your journey together of jumping, attacking enemies and solving puzzles. Let’s talk about the negative 1st, Trico simply has bad AI he doesn’t always jump where he should and in some cases jumps back the other was (this happened to me on two separate occasions and one one occasion it happened twice in a row). That’s the main and basically only problem with this game, But it happens so much that it really does dampen the experience. There are other texture problems but they seriously didn’t bother me as I was too concentrated on doing something else when this happened.

Onto the positive this game IS fun, it’s fun to climb around with Trico when it does work properly, There are even occasions when I could put the controller down and let Trico jump to where he needed to which is very odd considering what I was talking about with Trico’s navigation earlier. I also found the puzzles fun, There are a few sequences when puzzles involve enemies and you have to get Trico through a door there is also a chance at stealth in this game where you can sneak around the enemies and open the door for him this was pretty fun too even though I did alert the enemies it was a nice change of pace and something the game should have tried more.

This game is also a spectacle, with amazing shots of things in the distance and big open areas that are nice to look at minus some texture problems that I hardly noticed so it didn’t bother me as I was distracted by the big Trico or the big open space.

In conclusion, The Last Guardian is a simple but long game with very frustrating AI but also some fun gameplay combines with nice open areas to look at so if you have the patience and drive for a different kind of puzzle game with a big animal at your side as well as some nice mystery which i did appreciate a lot then The Last Guardian is worth your time.

Rating 7/10

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