The Punisher Season 1 Review – Netflix

By Matthew Nemeth

Wow. The Punisher‘s 1st season is easily one of the top 5 seasons of TV of 2017 and has the best acting performance of 2017 from Jon Bernthal as The Punisher. His ability to do emotion, action and his range of being in charge to fighting back is an incredible delight to watch. The show itself has constant stakes, emotion, consequences, death and some of the most entertaining and engaging fighting i have ever seen, the same goes for the dialogue. I was entertained and engaged way more than i thaught i would be, i had little to no expectation for this show going in, i had never paid attention to The Punisher but Jon’s performance was what made the character so watchable.

punisher 2.jpg

It’s hard to put into exact words without spoiling things what makes The Punisher so good, but again, stakes really do make the plot and characters in a show really matter that much more and there were several times in this show where i thought a character would die and that there would be a consequence of those deaths or when these believable characters felt like they mattered and with these characters mostly being PTSD war veterans they felt like they all had a level of respect for each other to a degree and the characters that had concequences to them. I cannot stress enough how well the acting and the writing merge together to also create a plot with characters that are incredibly compelling and dramatic to watch and the situations these characters get into just raise the stakes even more as the show goes on.

the punisher 3

The flashbacks in this show really add something special as well, it adds more to each relationship and to help you understand some of the current stakes as well as why the betrayals matter so much and mean so much and add to the story in such a significant way, plus, it was very cool to see it all unfold and to see Jon take on a different version as Frank.

Overall this is an incredible show and one of 2017’s must-see and if anyone deserves an Emmy in 2018 for next year, it’s Jon. It delivers on stakes, characters, plot, acting, and writing.

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Rating 10/10

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