The Walking Dead 816 ‘Wrath’ Season Finale Review

Entertainment Talk New
Entertainment Talk New
The Walking Dead 816 'Wrath' Season Finale Review

By Matthew Nemeth

Me, Chris and David are back to review The Walking Dead 816 ‘Wrath‘ on AMC and Fox. It finally concludes the long 32 episode Negan arc which has gone on far too long, been far too filled up with unnecessary plot and still including a major characters death who should have been in next season and beyond. But, what does the future hold for AMC’s The Walking Dead? no one but AMC knows. We all know what AMC needs to do with this show and what they need to stop doing, but, it’s out of our hands. The question is, as fans who have no control over a greedy company that seemingly doesn’t care about anything but money, what do we do if the victim is a TV show we simply want to enjoy and know can be much better? we will be back in October to review season 9 but in the long wait in between now and then we will be wrapping up coverage of all of the DC CW shows here, continuing with iZombie here, we are still doing Random Gaming Talk here and other gaming bits and pieces, we have been doing a lot of film reviews lately here as well as the upcoming Marvel Avengers Infinity War and next week me and David are moving on to Westworld here. Thanks for all of your emails and support this season.

I also mentioned Bald Move and their wrapup fiesta podcast next week. Go to to see more

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