Top 5 Best TV Shows

By Matthew Nemeth

So this feels like a big list to do and not everyone that will read it will be happy with the choices because of different opinions etc, But with that said i, of course, haven’t seen every TV show out there with big names such as Mad Men and The Wire will not be on the list because of this reason, Anyway lets get on with the list.

5. The Walking Dead


Ah, the Walking Dead part of my favorite franchise of all time The Walking Dead. Alongside The comic books, Telltale video game and of course Fear The Walking Dead. I absolutely love this world, Its story, and characters. Yes, this show has made a wrong turn or two during its time, but I still regard it as one of the best shows of all time because the highs simply outweigh the lows. Want more of our thoughts on The Walking Dead? Check out our podcast here.

4. 24


Although 24 is in the list of my top 14 favorite shows (which needs to be updated) I know it’s got a few problems meaning its number 4 here. I still, however, believe that the good outweighs the bad here, Kiefer Sutherland it incredible as Jack Bauer Being one of my favorite characters of all time alongside the shows other incredible characters such as Tony Almeida, Chloe O’Brian, Bill Buchanan and many more. The show always managed to keep things interesting and exciting which for me is of course important and always had done nicely pace wise considering the first 8 seasons had 24 episodes to cover followed by the smart decision to have just 12 episodes in live another day back in 2014 with a 12 hour time jumped concluding with the final 10 minutes or so, Which of course the new 24 Legacy spin-off has also decided to do.

3. Lost


Ok ok here me out yes, lots of people, in the end, saw Lost as a waste of time, Really? why ? I felt by the end of the show that my time was well spent. Did we get all the answers? No. Did I expect to get all of the answers? No. But the ambition of Lost outweighs some of its problems. The acting here is still amazing, The Story, The Characters, and the mystery. The mystery of lost is probably one of my favorite parts and I absolutely love mystery, Did Lost have too much mystery towards the end? Maybe. But the 2 main things that impress me with Lost is the ambition, scope, and mystery. Especially in its 5th and 6th seasons with leaving the island, the off-island storyline, the group coming back to the island and then with the flash sideways/other timeline and with how that all came together for what I thought was a nice and nicely explained ending

2. Game Of Thrones


I almost feel bad for putting Game Of Thrones above 24 and The Walking Dead because of how much I like those 2 shows before I even decided to start watching Game Of Thrones, But this list is best shows and not favorite. Game Of Thrones is simply incredible from its massive ambition, Incredible acting, and scale. I am blown away by what Game Of Thrones has become compared to what I thought it was going to be, It did become a case after 4 seasons of for some reason not watching the show to simply say “I wonder what all the fuss is about” and now I know why.


1. Breaking Bad


Consistency followed by more consistency. Breaking Bad is incredible and I feel like the 2 shows I mentioned at the start being Mad Men and The Wire will have to do something pretty special to beat Breaking Bad in terms of its place on this list. Breaking Bad has got 2 very special and unique characters in Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, both are consistently well acted and written and I felt like the 2 never dropped off in quality in that way. I never felt like the show was slow or had any filler some people may think that the fly episode is the exception here, but I felt as if that was a great character bottle episode for the 2. I just simply feel that Breaking Bad is the best show of all time because it has consistency that no other show has, It never felt like it dropped off and always felt like time well spent and whenever someone asks me for a TV show suggestion Breaking Bad is the 1st thing that comes out of my mouth. Want to see what all of the fuss is about? Breaking Bad is available on Netflix in the U.K. and I also believe its on the U.S. Netflix too.

So what do you think are the top shows of all time? Let me know in the comments below. Disagree with this list? That is perfectly fine, We all have different tastes and expectations etc.

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