TOP 5 Favourite Male Gotham Villians thus far

By Natacha Gray 

Is anyone missing Gotham as much as I am right now? Since Gotham has no UK return date as of yet and the internet is full of this Seasons spoilers, which we’re all trying to avoid. This article is going to countdown my top 5 favourite Gotham Villians that we have encountered thus far.

5) Hugo Strange

Hugo Strange.jpg

Hugo Strange was one of the big catalysts of last season. Criminals were being released into the city because Hugo Strange was doing everything in his power to cause chaos and destruction without it going unnoticed about the truth behind criminals returning from the dead such as Victor Fries (Mr Freeze) and Fish Mooney. Hugo Strange despite now being imprisoned is still going to have a huge influence in the upcoming season as we are yet to learn what and or exactly Hugo Strange was working on. Also, why did he have Bruce Wayne’s parents killed?  Overall I enjoy Hugo Strange’s character because he at often times was overlooked, yet behind the scenes, he was always working away trying to resurrect people from the dead and for a great length of the season, nobody noticed.  Will Hugo Strange be in season three? I hope so. I want to discover just how involved he’s in with the Court of Owls and if he does have as much power as he claims to?

4) Edward Nygma

Edward Nygma 2.png

Season two gave us some insight of Edward’s transformation into the Riddler, which in itself unravelled an entire dimension of his character. Not only did last season elaborate of some of the things we already know about Edward, he’s highly intelligent and his love for Riddles. We also saw the dissolving of the facade that Edward was desperate to keep. Even when he eventually got imprisoned in Arkham, Edward always appeared to be five steps ahead of everyone else. Despite his previous shy and introverted nature, Edward thrived in Arkham.Even at points challenging Hugo Strange himself. I personally love Edward Nygma because of his intelligence and his wit. In Gotham City, knowledge is very much power because it holds so much more weight than most. Edward’s intelligence is the very skill he uses to gain advantages and to hold something over people. Seeing Edward’s transformation is exciting and thrilling in a sense because I find myself very much intrigued to witness just how powerful Edward can get. Can the Riddler make his mark in Season three I truly hope so?

3) Victor Zsasz-


Victor Zsasz is a character we don’t see an awful lot of throughout both seasons. In the past, we’ve seen him work for Don Carmine Falcone and Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin). He tends to show up when either of these respected men needs someone to be taken out.For example, Don Carmine Falcone requesting Jim Gordon’s presence. Victor Zsasz turned up to bring Jim to Falcone. What I love about Victor is that while he’s one of the most terrifying people in Gotham City, we don’t know an awful lot about him. Where did he come from? What’s Victor’s backstory? How did he become a Hitman? This question’s I would wish that Gotham would answer. Victor Zsasz has this ability to lure me in whenever he’s in a scene because you know something’s going to happen, someone’s going to die. There are occasions where Victor can also be humorous, his humour tends to be very dry it very much indicates that Victor loves to kill people and doesn’t care who, what, why, when as long as he gets the hit done. I truly hope that Victor Zsasz is in this season a little more and we acquire more information about him.

2) Oswald Cobblepot – 


Oswald Cobblepot had a rough season 2, he had highs and lows then some more lows. Oswald started off as the “King” of Gotham and then he was a fugitive and a prisoner at Arkham Asylum. What I personally love Oswald’s tenacity, his ability to dig down deep when everyone expects him to fail. Oswald is powerful, manipulative, deceitful intelligent among other characteristics. Despite Oswald being a murderous psychopath, he has a level of vulnerability and likeability about him. Despite his Antagonist nature, I find myself rooting for Oswald because I want him to succeed in his endeavours despite his murderous and villainous tactics. I hope that Oswald has an easier season three, although it’s highly unlikely since I believe that Oswald will go on a rampage to regain his throne as King Of Gotham City. Will he try and get revenge on Hugo Strange for all the pain that he caused him? I am excited to find out.

1) Jerome Valeska –


 So my top Gotham villain is Jerome Valeska. In the few episodes that he appeared last season, Jerome was a name that everyone was speaking about. With his distinctive laugh and carefree personality. Jerome caused chaos and destruction in his path no matter where he went. Jerome has an addictive personality, you never know what is going to do or what he’s going to do next. Jerome has been called the ideology behind the Joker, however, some contest and claim that he is indeed very much the Joker as a younger version. In the past, we’ve never witnessed a younger potrail of the Joker so Jerome possibly filling that role interests me. As Jerome resembles so much of the Joker, I admire Jerome’s ability to be a deeply rooted psychopath yet within Jerome’s madness he indeed refers to sociological issues such as society. With Jerome’s fearless attitude and use of witty humour, Jerome is my favourite because I cannot predict his actions, he brings a certain suspense, you want to know what he’s going to do next or who is his next target. Rumour has it that Jerome is going to return to Gotham for Season three, if he is indeed very much alive once again, we can only dream of the chaos and anarchy that Jerome is going to inflict on Gotham City. Maybe Gotham won’t be so serious if the Clown King shows up once again?

Question – Who is your favourite Villian? Let us know in the comments below.

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