Top 5 Xbox One Games

By Mattthew Nemeth

With the Xbox One coming up to its third birthday, I thought i would put together a list of in my opinion the top 5 games available for the system, this list will not include backwards compatible titles.

5. Quantum Break


The first game shown for the Xbox One back at that awful reveal conference in 2013 Quantum Break features a full video game along side a mini TV series, Both are included. You are given 4, 20 minute episodes which are affected by the choice sequences found in the game and it works excellently. One of the questions i first had for the game was for example, if you had an hours game time on your hands played for 50 mins and then came across an episode what would you do ? it turned out that you can use the Xbox One’s instant on mode and come back anytime. The game features amazing third person action with very cool powers and a very interesting story, For more on Quantum Break check out our review¬†.

4. Ori And The Blind Forest


Looking for a bit of a different 2d platformer game different to just walking jumping and climbing ? Then this game is for you, with unique powers, stunning and beautiful visuals (this game is absolutely gorgeous) and a heartbreaking story with no dialogue (just text) this is a game that can’t be missed and i refuse to give any more details away, just like another game on this list.

3. Inside


Another mysterious game that had a lot of people guessing a lot of different theories, Inside is another game i can’t talk too much about as you should really go in fresh, But just know this, It’s mysterious, Crazy, Scary (some parts), powerful and has a secret ending Here’s the details of how to get the Secret ending. For more on Inside check out our review.

2. The Witcher 3


Your really looking at great volume here in terms of quality and quantity, especially quality. Ok, so The Witcher 3 is not an Xbox exclusive in any way, but this list is not strictly for exclusives, The Witcher 3 is one of the best games ever made and won several game of the year awards in 2015 and deservedly so. What’s my favorite things about The Witcher 3 other that its story and characters (these are some awesome characters), it’s the game’s combat, Once i had properly learned how to fight and once i was properly equipped, the game was an absolute pleasure to play and CD Project Red did a phenomenal job here. I have seen this game on sale now for a number of times so go and get it, You won’t be disappointed, especially with the final boss fight which i personally found to be simply incredible. There are also expansion packs.

1. Grand Theft Auto 5


Again here you are looking at quality and quantity and even more potential.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is socially driven, massive, Great to look at and is very, very fun to play from its small and simple missions to very exciting missions where your friend could be the pilot shooting rockets at another helicopter while you are parachuting to a boat that your other friend is driving, Heists are incredible and tense to play and is probably the most fun i have ever had in a multiplayer setting. I can’t express how fun this game is to play and the amount of free DLC/Updates is just incredible and really is true value for money considering you only need to buy the game, Oh and Trevor…. Yea he is pretty cool too. If you purchase The Witcher 3 and Grand Theft Auto 5 i can guarantee that they will last you at the very minimum of 6 months to a year.

So what would your top 5 be ? let us know in the comments below

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