Virginia Xbox One Review

By Matthew Nemeth

Virginia is a 2016 first-person mystery adventure video game developed by Variable State and published by 505 Games. The game follows graduate, FBI special agent Anne Tarver as she investigates her first case; the disappearance of a missing boy in rural Virginia. Virginia released on September 22, 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and OS X.

When i first stepped into the interesting world of Virginia i found a colorful interesting world with mystery. What i ended up with was a world with just a plain, confusing story line that relied too much on the game being beautiful and interactive and i am disappointed that this game did not simply just focus more on simply just telling its story which i felt could have been more interesting, instead they jumped around time wise far too much and then then game pretty much just simply ends.

Yes, this game could be spoken about because of the beauty of it and the symbolic story line, but the game just simply did not work in this sense and they left me with a game that had suddenly just finished and let me very confused story wise and as to basically what i was supposed to feel, So yes this game simply didn’t work for me but it’s over now and i can move on.

Conclusion: I felt Virginia could have simply just done more to tell a more basic story line timeline wise and could have just explained things more, now i am just left a confused as a gamer as to what the story line was chronologically and just felt very dissatisfied in the end.

Rating 4.0/10


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