Why Batgirl Is Perfect for CW's Arrow

By Matthew Nemeth



When thinking of what Arrow could do for its 5th season to improve, I 1st thought about its current characters. I then thought of the fact we no longer have what I consider to be a lead female aside from Felicity with the Black Canary/Laurel Lance being killed off this past 4th season and with the show’s in the field characters having one less female character in this department.

We have also yet to see Batgirl in the DC films or TV universe, and with Black Canary not being in the show anymore there is a place for a new female character. From the Bat-Family we could consider. Batgirl, Nightwing and Robin in terms of the characters here that are possibly most known. But in terms of filling that gap of a female character, Batgirl would suit the most. Nightwing and Robin would also be welcome, but considering the show still has Oliver, Diggle and Roy, I’m only counting team Arrow so Malcolm doesn’t count. Whereas the show only has Thea out in the field, Sara busy with the Legends and Felicity back at the arrow cave so we are just a little short of female fighters in the field.

It would also be cool to see Batgirl with Batman being tied up in the Film section so we can also then have someone flying in the show, I mean, come on to have Arrow on the bike and have Batgirl gliding next to him throwing batarangs and Oliver shooting Arrows. I also feel that DC may just, for now, have a young Batgirl in Fox’s Gotham, But I still feel she is best suited for a full appearance in Arrow.

Who could play her ? I have not decided fully on someone, but was considering Yvonne Strahovski, Emily Van Camp and Natalie Dormer are the only few I can think of for the moment.

What do you think would you like to see Batgirl in Arrow as it just feels perfect to me or Would you prefer her to have her own film? Or would you like to see more males in the form of Robin or Nightwing,

Let me know in the comments down below. For all things, DC stay tuned to Entertainment Talk. @etalkuk


3 thoughts on “Why Batgirl Is Perfect for CW's Arrow

  1. I’m totally on board with this, especially if it’s the Stephanie Brown version, like in this picture (not sure if that was your intention). And Yvonne Strahovski? As a Chuck fan, I say absolutely!!

  2. Yes, especially if you are referring to the Stephanie Brown version which you have here (not sure if that was your intention). And Yvonne Strahovski? As a Chuck fan, I say absolutely!

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