5 Reasons We Love Stranger Things, Season 2

By Amanda (Follow me on Twitter @swansongwriter)

If you, like us, waited with bated breath for the return of the Netflix exclusive Stranger Things, only to Netflix-binge-and-chill the whole season in record time, then we hope you’ll agree that the Duffer Brothers and Co did not fail to disappoint! Trying to pick 5 favorite ‘things’ from this season was insanely difficult but after much deliberation, we came up with our favorites…

5. Dustin


What is there to say about this guy apart from HE’S SO FRICKIN’ AWESOME! This season he brought comic relief, heartbreak and hair like we’ve never seen before. From his relationship with his mum and Steve, to battling feelings of rejection from girls, his matter-of-fact responses to life made the season. And that’s not even mentioning that super weird purr-growl thing which, if done by anyone else, would be unbelievably creepy (OK, it’s still creepy, but not as much as it could be). This time around Dustin had to look outside his group of friends for support as Will was channeling Regan from The Exorcist and Lucas croons over new girl on the block, Max and Mike mourns the loss of Eleven. We got to see a more independent, perhaps mature version of Dustin whilst still maintaining his very Dustinesque qualities. This is one character we cannot wait to see again!

4. Beyond Stranger Things


What better way to get over your post-season blues than to watch 3 1/2 hours of cast and crew interviews? Providing an insight into what the writers were thinking (the Duffer Brothers were on every episode) and giving a few teasers about what might be to come in the next season, we binged this in an afternoon! It’s a great way to get to know the cast better and find out some pointless trivia which you’ll likely never need but hey, it’s interesting and way better than other facts you learnt at school, which you’ll also never need. The one thing that makes this stand out, however, is the attention to detail; old school games and movie posters litter the background as pre-conducted interviews are watched through an old 80’s box TV. Yes please! We loved this miniseries and hope it’ll return in the future!

3. Eleven and that ‘bitchin’ outfit


This season provided more context and insight into Eleven’s backstory as she journeyed to London to meet up with her sister Kali, a girl similar in age to Eleven who grew up with Papa. Kali has a special ability as well and can alter reality, for example making it appear that a tunnel is collapsing during a car chase. This is the first time Eleven has any kind of ‘style’ in the show. She gets dressed by Kali in black, mirroring Kali and her group. The outfit not only transforms Eleven physically, but could also be seen to be representing pain, showing what Eleven could have become if she allowed her heart to blacken and not remain open to new people and love. This is also just after Eleven sees Mike in the school gym with Max so it could represent Eleven’s turmoil as well. In respect of episode 7, the verdict is out… it seemed a little bit like a fill-in episode more than anything, but it was interesting to have more background on Eleven.

2. Steve’s character progression


Steve is one of the biggest character changes Stranger Things has seen so far. Season 1 saw him as one of the ‘cool kids’, a bit of an idiot in other words. But Season 2 shows a very different side to him. Remember last season, when we all hated him and really wanted Nancy to leave him for Jonathan Byers? Well, not anymore! He’s a good guy now and we love him. From providing hair advice to Dunstan to helping him capture his escaped Demogorgon, Steve goes from bully to big brother. It was heart-breaking to see him at the end of Season 2 looking into the school hall from the outside during the Snow Ball, looking longingly at Nancy. Hopefully, season 3 will see a turn of events for Steve. #TeamSteve.

1. Bob the Brain


Seeing Sean Astin turn up was awesome but it did take an episode or two to stop seeing Samwise Gamgee. But we LOVE Bob the Brain! If there was a human definition of lovely it would be Bob. After all the stress of the previous year, Bob is Joyce Byers’ safe option, sanctuary from everything that happened with Will previously. Bob is the kind of guy where you know nothing unexpected will ever happen. Bob becomes someone Will can rely on and their relationship builds and becomes closer over time. He’s someone Will an adult can talk to which is a relief for him as his mother is cray cray over his safety now. And then of course, there is Bob’s demise (all the sad faces!). This geeky, brainy, innocent man literally walks into the depths of hell for the people he loves (you’d think he’d want to stop having adventures given what happened with Frodo…) and sacrifices himself. It’s both heartbreaking and unbelievably frustrating – WHY ARE YOU JUST STANDING THERE!? Alas, he is gone and we must move on *** wipes away single tear from cheek***.

We just can’t get enough of Stranger Things and we’re delighted it’s confirmed to be coming back for another series! But until next time, remember these things we learnt from Season 2; watch out for Demogorgons, Farrah Fawcett products will do immense things to your hair and if you’ve got to the other side of the door of a big baddy after running for your life, for god sake, KEEP RUNNING! Oh, and no Eggos before dinner!

If you have other favorite moments or any other thoughts on anything Stranger Things, we’d love to hear from you!

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