A Review Of Xbox One's 2017

By Matthew Nemeth

Boy what a strange year it’s been for the Xbox One, there’s really 2 big sides to the argument for the Xbox’s 2017, on one hand Microsoft released the Xbox One X “The world’s most powerful console”, that’s great, it really is, but, there’s just so obviously been a lack of exclusives and i simply can’t avoid looking at that as it’s a clear problem, it’s a big problem. Especially seeing the Xbox One X really lack a “Killer app” is just so disappointing. It’s almost like i can only give the Xbox One X half a point it’s an incredible console but seriously lacks new exclusives and specifically exclusives to push it. Earlier this year Nintendo launched the Nintendo Switch, what did they have to back it up? Zelda, a killer app, Zelda is an incredibly loved franchise and to launch it with the Nintendo Switch was a very smart move.

forza 7




Let’s look at the exclusives launched this year on the Xbox One and which would be the best for a customer getting an Xbox One X, from top to bottom you have Forza Motorsport 7, Halo Wars 2, Super Lucky’s Tale and Cuphead. Cuphead and Super Luck’s Tale are clearly the 2 family friendly and so too is Forza 7, Forza 7 is also going to look best on your Xbox One X, BUT, none of these are a killer app. There’s no Gears Of War and no Halo. Yes i know Gears Of War 4 and Halo 5 have both been enhanced but they are both old games so to me it loses the appeal and it’s almost like Microsoft have said hey come and play enhanced old games on our new $500 system, now don’t get me wrong, i’m all for remasters and backwards compatibility but not when it comes to trying to sell a new system, yes i know PUGB is coming to Xbox One very soon, but it’s far from an exclusive it’s been on PC for ages and will probably end up on PlayStation 4 at some point (i mean why would PUBG Corporation not want their game available to another 70 million people?). Are you starting to see the 2 sided argument? Microsoft have an incredibly console and also a pricey one BUT just not the games to push it and yes they do have games like Assassin’s Creed Origins and Middle Earth Shadow Of War enhanced, but again, these are not exclusives. So maybe Microsoft should have just waited for a killer app to launch with the Xbox One X? What’s the rush?

xbox one home

The Xbox One has had some nice updates this year, maybe too many, but they have still been nice. This comes with the addition of the Game Pass launched this year which i personally wasn’t bothered by at all but if you like it then that’s great. Other then all of this Xbox has really had a weird year but i still like my Xbox One a lot and am still looking forward to all of the exclusives in 2018, it’s still a shame however that we still won’t get to see Scalebound or Fable Legends.

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