Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy PlayStation 4 Preview And Reasons Why I'm So Excited

By Matthew Nemeth

Ah Nostalgia, Don’t we just love it? Back in September 1996 when I was just 2 years old a Video Game called Crash Bandicoot was released for the PlayStation 1 and little did I know that in June 2017 I would be playing a complete remaster of the entire trilogy (not including Crash Team Racing). So now that the trilogy itself is out on the 30th in Just a few days time at the time of writing this I have now seen enough Gameplay footage and the launch trailer and am fully invested in this game, I can now play this game fully remastered from the ground up on my PS4.

The Soundtrack.

The soundtrack is fun, Nostalgic, Get’s me thinking about the game and is just a fun listen. I’m talking about all 3 soundtracks from all 3 games, Here is a video with all 3 in one, Enjoy.


Fun, Simple Gameplay

Crash sliding

The Gameplay if fun, simple and has a few nice little bonuses such as Aku Aku, Checkpoint boxes and of course the boxes you shouldn’t touch such as the TNT and Nitro boxes. Apart from that, the game is fast paced with opportunities to slow the game down. Crash is a fun character to play as, Jumping, Spinning and sliding, I also look forward to trying to play as CoCo in Crash 2 and 3.

Characters And Story

crash bandicoot n sane trilogy charactersSeeing as how I don’t know or remember much about the actual story and the characters as the original releases were a long time ago I look forward to seeing them and getting to know the characters and story.


In conclusion, this is one of the games I remember best from my childhood and although I didn’t get to play it much I certainly feel nostalgic for it and with just 3 days to go, It’s going to be a good Friday 🙂 ill be sure to have a First Impressions video up late Friday night or afternoon and will hopefully be streaming the First game in the trilogy Friday night either on or, Keep your eye on twitter for details of that. I’ll also be reviewing each game even if it may be a few weeks after and maybe a month or so after for the 2nd and 3rd game.

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