Game Night Film Review Spoiler-Free

By Matthew Nemeth

Today I went to see Game Night a well written, acted and directed comedy about a game night that goes wrong but sort of by accident, I’ll keep things spoiler free until the end. This film stars some really good actors and a few that I have seen before such as Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams, Jesse Plemons, Chelsea Peretti, Lamorne Morris and Sharon Horgan.

This film was definitely cast and written well as there is a lot of jokes that work and none that don’t i won’t tell you the jokes here of course but I laughed plenty and so did the audience, I was in the mood to just see a fun comedy and this definitely worked for me and I’m really glad I saw it, but if you want a comedy about 30-40 something aged adults that simply try to have a bit of a different game night that goes accidentally wrong with some great acting, writing, comedy and overall quality this is definitely one to consider.

It also stars 2 particular actors that I have seen before in great comedy shows, so it was nice to see the familiar and talented faces of Chelsea Peretti from Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Lamorne Morris from New Girl which will have it’s final season this year. The performances from the 2 which seem to be the leads in Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman are excellent as well who play as a couple in this film. There is also some really good, funny and silly comedy with Billy Magnussen’s character too.

That’s all i have for spoiler-free stuff, have a look after all the links and information below for the spoiler stuff.

Rating 9.5/10

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spoiler stuff below!



I thought there where multiple well-exicuted comedy scenes, the glass coffee tables, the gun scene in the bar, the money bribe attempt scene especially when the money was being slowly slid across the table slowly amounting to just 17 dollars, most of the scenes with twists to the plot along with many more.

How about that ending eh? are we in for a possible sequel? I’d certainly like one.

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